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‘Call me Ronni’. Short for Veronica, not Ronald.

I’m a chronic pain sufferer diagnosed with Elhers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility (previosly known as Type 3)(EDS or HEDS) aka Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS or HMS).

This is the blog where I choose to provide information about the illness, raise awareness and complain in general about my medical symptoms so that I don’t drive my Facebook friends insane with a constant barrage of whiny status posts.

I’ve recently married my dream husband, Charlie, in South Padre Island, Texas on our tenth anniversary. We both currently live in Cambridgeshire, England (he’s British) with my 17 year old son, Damon. We’re looking forward to moving to San Antonio, Texas at the end of 2013 so if you’re in the area please get in contact as I’m looking for a local EDS/JHS support group or to start one up once I settle down. 

I’m an educated photographer, artist with mad skills, burlesque dancer and aspiring performer. I love being active despite my condition and really miss all the socialising I used to do. Because I do have to rest in bed quite a lot, my husband turned our bedroom into a very comfortable place for me (LCD TV placed high on the wall and hooked up to my laptop so I can do anything from a laying position). I often watch TV series and movies online, write and research. I’m always learning something and taking care of myself, now I have the time to do both which is awesome.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and learn something new, feel free to ask questions!


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