A New Week: Cleaning is fun … what?!


I finally made it to the doctor for my medication review, he wasn’t as interested as he usually is but I’ll put that down to having an off day. I’m officially only getting Amitriptyline on prescription as I can get everything else over the counter or from the States (aka mommy). We’ve upped the dose to 40mg and either I’m still having energy problems because of the opiate withdrawal or they are making me really sleepy in the evenings. I’ve been tired enough to fall asleep around 10pm each night but draw it out as much as I can to midnight, otherwise I’m up at 6am in limbo. I need 8 hours of sleep!

I’ve been really active though during the days. I think the weather has to be a major factor because the last few days has been a bit rainy and colder, and it’s too much coincidence that I’m feeling very achy in my joints. I have a burlesque show in 5 days though so from tomorrow I’ll be pushing myself to tweak my performances and putting together my costumes. I’ll probably rest the day of the show and just practice the choreo in my head so I can be extra bouncy at the show! 

I’ve been given an appointment at the Cambridge Pain Clinic in the latter part of June so I’m interested to see what they can do to improve my current pain plan, I’ll keep you posted!

I promised an old school friend who’s son has Hypermobility that I would create a post with links to all my support groups on the internet and so watch out for that post, coming soon! The people in all these groups are such a great comfort and just full of information, and ideas. 

Other than that there is not much to report. I’m still trying to play catch up in a lot of ways now that I have more mobility. Definitely pushing myself a little too hard but I’ll take a rest soon.

Oh, I’ve also recommitted myself to a cleaning system that I really fell in love with a couple years ago but let the idea slip through my fingers. I’ve even signed my family up for their free online calendar Cozicentral which helps create our weekly shopping list and house tasks for each person! Now I’m making little changes, and doing a little everyday to declutter and cleanse my home without causing myself any harm. It’s like cleaning my house is now… fun, mostly! At least I don’t dread the cleaning now, mainly because it’s never a big deal with this system.

I didn’t want to share this information until I was able to make it work for me and now I have, it’s actually really easy if you just take it in little steps. I love only cleaning for 2-15 minutes a day and accomplishing so much! I’m still in the Babysteps phase so if you feel inspired to join in with me you can get started here (it’s free!):

Flylady – Getting Started

I’m not getting paid for this, it’s just a really great system so go check it out if you’re struggling. 😉 

Until next time all you normal people go do something crazy with yourself, for me, and gentle hugs to all those hurting. xoxx


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