A New Week: I’m 37 and Too Old for this Shit!



Felt great today! Woke up with a pain level of about two which is awesome! Was able to do lots of tasks today and had a great workout. By the time burlesque practice ended in the evening, my back was no longer friends with me. Charlie massaged me and it helped.


Was extremely sleepy all day even though I got eight hours of sleep. Got some daily tasks done and took an hour nap before Charlie came home. Did some blogging in the evening but had to stop early because typing on the laptop was hurting my back way more than usual. I would get so much more done in my life if I could get past this obstacle! I’m working on my core muscles but the results are slow or I’m just very impatient.

The rest of the week:

I only had light to moderate pain for the rest of the week and I was doing light chores everyday, exercised a couple of times for a little bit but took it easy. The latter part of the week I got excited about my birthday weekend. We planned to go out to a burlesque show that happened to be local and then meet with some old friends in town for drinks. I was taking medication and drinking tons, you know how everyone just brings you drinks on your birthday. Well I didn’t turn anything down and I really should have! I was so drunk by the end of the burlesque show but I remember most of it and even being on stage because it was my birthday, having a great time. I don’t really remember popping home to change. Luckily I decided on my outfit beforehand so with Charlie’s help, being on autopilot must have been pretty easy.

We arrived in town and I got to see many of my old friends, I was so happy to reconnect for the little sober time I had left. Needless to say, I was pretty much carried home. Wouldn’t change it although hopefully those will be rare occasions and I’ll be off most of my medications and able to handle my drinks again. The next day I was so sore and achy! It was worth it!!! 😀 

Now that I’m 37 years old, I feel … no different! However, I’m taking the opportunity to recommit to my health and life goals and push myself hardcore. I just want to get back to me, to the point where I feel satisfied with life. I don’t want this illness to keep me down emotionally or literally. Let’s see what happens next! xxx


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