A New Week: Sleepy Pain



A very painful start to the week, so much so that I took my morning meds and went back to sleep after breakfast. Sometimes I think my subconscious takes over for me when I’m in too much pain and puts me back to sleep for my own good. Thanks subconscious! 😉 I woke up about 11am and tried really hard to take it easy because tonight is burlesque practice! I stretched a lot during the day and was ready. We learned a cheer dance routine to ‘Hey Mickey’ which was really fun, very bouncy! Not in as much pain as I normally am after practice.


Got a call that our windows and front door are being replaced which means gathering and moving things out of the way. I used my steel boned corset all day while I was up doing my tasks and it really really helped prevent that pain that settles in after being active. I’ve been told by some doctors not to be too dependent on the back bracing too much because it causes atrophy in the core muscles which is of course the exact opposite of what we want. However, I also read an article that states that as long as you exercise regularly using a brace a few hours a day should be ok so I’m going to try it more often because it helps me accomplish more and I’m doing way more exercise than I should be. Now I want to try to do some editing work on the computer but of course it’s now running slow and I need to reformat it and get my programs sorted again. Typical! 

Wednesday to Friday:

Have had the window fitter here all three days from before 9am until about 3pm. He was all by himself but did some impressive work for an older man. I made him lots of tea, he never refused  of course. Turns out he had lots of American friends based at RAF Alconbury in the 70’s. He’s got some stories! I could tell he was as big a chatter as I am as soon as I met him. I did online courses on Wednesday and Thursday, alternating sitting up when I need to take notes and laying down when I just needed to watch and listen. Both evenings were really painful though. Used the weed on Wednesday evening, puffed just once which was perfect and gave me about 3 hours of relatively pain free time to research things online in peace and well just to breathe easier actually. Pain can make it really hard to catch your breath properly and it makes everything seem chaotic. 

Friday was seriously a bad day. I let Mr. Window Fitter in and he could tell I wasn’t ok. Made him tea and went upstairs to hide under the duvet. Took all my meds to the max today and ontime. By 5:30pm I smoked my weed and napped while the boys watched TV behind me. It wore off my 9pm and I smoked another puff, went to sleep very nicely. 

Saturday and Sunday:

A whole night of refreshing sleep! I’m awake!!! Stacy came over and we watched the burlesque show that she recorded for me, did some work. Drank some wine and had a roast dinner with her and Jim. A really relaxing day.

Sunday was easy. Didn’t do much, was just trying to hold on to the low pain level and avoiding anything that might aggravate it. Some days you just need a rest from it all. It made me realise how active I’ve been lately. I used to have way more days laying in bed trying to avoid unnecessary pain. Now I know I’m pretty much going to be in the moderate to high pain levels for most of the week. At least I get stuff done but I do hope all this exercise starts to alleviate some of this pain soon. I’m so impatient!

Edit: Our old windows and door were very old and drafty. The new ones are double glazed and plastic, they completely lack character but this house is so much warmer and drier now! A good thing for my body. 🙂


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