A New Week: Back to Burlesque and Where Did This Leg Pain Come From?



Woke up early and in pain today. My friend Stacy came over and chilled with me today. She was in a lot of pain too but for a different reason so we pretty much laid in bed all day watching movies, talking about burlesque ideas and chilling out with the heating pad. Stacy and her mom came with me to their first burlesque lesson, it’s the first class of the new ‘season’. We learned a chair dance to ‘Mein Herr’ which was really fun, good energy and just a bit challenging on the stomach muscles!!! My stomach was flat the next day! 🙂 

If you’d like to follow my new burlesque blog about my adventures in glitter please go to: ravenheartburlesque.wordpress.com – it’s a very new blog!

Tuesday to Saturday:

Been waking with a lot more stiffness than usual but a couple hours of alternating heat, stretching and rest gets rid of it enough to allow to work on the laptop and get some things done. I think I have got to get my editing programs on my laptop because I can do more work in the bed propped up than I can sitting at the desk right now. Hope the little laptop can handle it!

Got two good workouts done during the week and really sore most of the time. I’m finding that my legs are much more painful the last couple of weeks, very tense and achy, could be because I’m propping the laptop on my thighs too.

Had a few nights of sleeping from 3-5am and then waking up at 9-10am, so a bit sleep deprived but haven’t been napping during the day. Have kept myself awake with green tea and sunflower seeds when I need a pick me up. Last night I managed to sleep at 1pm and wake up at 930am so I’m feeling much better! Fingers crossed that I can keep this pattern going.

I shall be writing an article covering pain level and stages in the next couple of day so that everyone can understand how to gauge it more closely. It’s a hard thing to tell someone how much pain you feel. It’s always funny for me because when someone asks me, I have to think about it but get distracted because I want to reach out and ‘show’ them by twisting their nipples or something and saying, ‘…mmm, like THIS much!’ *giggles* Am I evil?  😀


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