A New Week: Hypermobility Clinic, Cuz I Got High and Learned Some Stuff


I’ve had a busy week so am writing this a week late but luckily I keep a small journal to remember most of what happened, this post may have many gaps. Or maybe not. 🙂


Woke in quite a bit of pain from blinging up our burlesque friend, Becky’s, journal which we’re gifting to her tonight at her going away dinner. It’s nearly done anyway but I still want to add a few more touches! Tried to rest most of the day which helped me recover before getting ready. We had a great time at our friend’s house and then going out to dinner. I wasn’t in too much pain when I went home but that could be the effects of my four glasses of red wine. 🙂


I just realised after posting this that Tuesday is WAY too overpowering for this weekly post and so have placed it in it’s own post here: https://painlovesme.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/hypermobilityclinicappt

After my hospital appointment, Charlie and I went to The Royal Trafalgar Hotel (Piccadilly Circus Station) for tiffin (afternoon tea!) which was really, really good and relaxing. We then walked up to Chinatown and Soho for lingerie shopping which was totally fun. I then needed another rest so we chose a little pub in Soho that was very rustic, there was even a big old dog inside wandering around. Had a glass of Highland Park to go with my meds because things were really starting to hurt. Sitting in the comfy sofas while they kicked in really helped ease the pain. We got up again and went to a hotel in Shoreditch where we stayed last year because I had left some items in my room which they had put aside for me. Was surprised and pleased they still had them! Bonus. 🙂 Then we decided to have dinner back in Chinatown. Tried to look for a really good sushi bar but just couldn’t find one nice enough so we kept walking until we found a Malaysian/Indonesian restuarant which was dark, atmospheric and extremely quiet. It was perfect and exactly what I was holding out for plus it had one of those little flat radiators by our table which I put my scarf over and put my back to it for some heat relief, so what I needed. The lady who served us was a typical ethnic mom type, she told us what we liked and we ate it… and it was good!!! I so loved the dessert too which was british sweet pancake with coconut and immersed in coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. It was lightly creamy, refreshing and subtley sweet. So freakin yummy. The journey back to High Barnet by train and the trek to our car was a painful one but we made it home at around 9pm and went to sleep early. A great day.


As you might have guessed, I’m paying for it today! Had a good sports massage in the afternoon but of course the evening came with more pain and I gave into smoking some weed (sorry Mom & Dad, but at least as can rest easy as it’s truly for medicinal purposes (oh, and legal in the UK too!)(love you lots :))). I said I was going to tell you guys about my new ‘medication’ in a previous post. Well there’s not much to tell really but I guess it started about a month ago one day when I just couldn’t stand my body pain. So I got hold of some and took a couple deep puffs which was perfect. I didn’t get high, it just relaxed all my muscles instantly and lasted the last few hours of the night before I went to sleep. I rolled up a new one last week and smoked three medium puffs but that made me high. Then the next time I tried one puff but it didn’t do much. Then the next time I tried two puffs but I got a little high and couldn’t do anything. But this time I smoked one big puff and it was juuusst right! I guess this joint is just a little stronger than the first one so, tricky to get the balance right. I really hate the taste and the lingering smell on me, oh and the smoking makes my throat hurt (yes even the one puff, I think I need a bong for my birthday (hint,hint)). I don’t like getting high either because I want to do things or at least rest but be able to type and think. If I wanted to zone out I’d just take a valium (diazepam) but I hear that can get really addictive if you depend on it regularly. I feel better smoking because I already know I don’t get addicted to things like cigarettes or weed plus is completely natural. Hmm, I wonder if they make it in pill form? Cool, research time! 😉


Today was only light/medium pain. Worked with Stacy in the afternoon on video editing and relaxed in the evening with Charlie, then finalised my goals for March. I love goals! I got all excited about it and stayed up until 2am which was just not good for the sleeping schedule but oh well.

Friday and Saturday:

Spent all day and evenings doing my online courses. I always recline when watching and when I start to take notes but somewhere in the middle of it I always end of hunched over my notebook that is propped on a pillow on my knees and it hurts my back. I can’t get out of the habit. I could get a bed table but I just don’t want anything else in this small room. Not sure what I’m going to do yet but for now I’ll just have to live with it because I’m trying to stay on a budget. Had a good break on Saturday when Bro-in-law and GenGem came over for dinner, we watched Highlander which is still a really good movie. 😉


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