A New Week: Final Burlesque Show and Crashing from the High

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Our final show is tonight and even though I was still excited, I almost thought about bailing because my body hurt so much in the morning and afternoon. I got up though and packed up my gear once again. Picked up Stacy who is still filming and photographing for me (and the girls now!). We didn’t do any rehearsal but got ready and took some fun photos on stage which was a lot of fun. Everything backstage was much more relaxed and fun this evening. I even had time to have a few glasses of champs, and then some tequila (well, it is part of my act!!!). I was thrilled that I made it through the two shows and the whole week actually. That is what really made me happy because it was kind of my test to know how far I could push myself. If I hadn’t made it through I was already planning on giving up the idea of performing, it has been in the back of my mind all season even though I’ve stayed positive about it on the outside. I think even to a certain extent, I maintained an emotional distance from the girls in my troupe because I didn’t want to get too attached until I was certain I could continue. Once we finished our final act I was so happy, for more reasons than anyone knew! We went out to celebrate and had a great night. I really loved all the friendships within my burlesque troupe and am excited to carry on. I’m even having some friends tag along to see if they might enjoy the classes! 

Tuesday & Wednesday:

I’m in pain. Nothing much to report, just boring recovery days. I have been doing my new daily routine list and I’m remaining consistent in getting daily tasks done as much as possible. I feel a little lost though. Now I have no dance routines to keep me challenged or nothing to strive to be ‘perfect’ in. Like I said in my FB group, I guess it’s time to buckle down and get the house cleaned, sell old stuff and get my back used to sitting down for longer than 30 minutes so I can start photo editing again!  Ooooo goals!!! 😀


Happy Valentine’s Day! We don’t really celebrate it every year to be honest because our relationship is still fun most of the time. I guess we could NOT have sex just to do something special? Okay, too much information and now you’re jealous so I’ll stop. *giggles* Got a lot done on my list today, even some physio, flexing and learning a new hip hop routine with a lot of butt swirling… very good for the back muscles. Just waiting for Charlie to come home and snuggle me all up. ❤ 


I’ve still been consistent on getting all my daily tasks done! Since this is the first week I’ve been maintaining a schedule of necessary daily tasks that vary from a resting position to exercise, alternating the tasks by activity level has proven more effective which makes sense (but why didn’t I think of that months ago?!?). I’m also starting my day by stretching in bed and doing it when ever I start to feel tense. Wearing my back brace also helps and I’m wearing it more often but I still feel so stifled in it. I don’t like wearing clothes or very little when I’m on my own so braces are very annoying. I’ve got a good steel boned corset that I don’t need for burlesque though so I’m going to see if I can start getting myself  to wearing that… hmm we’ll see…


Got up early even though I didn’t get to sleep until 3-4am, to continue watching an online course then got on with my new schedule. Next week I’ll be adding a few tasks that are way over due, little by little I hope to catch up with everything. I have very little hope it will happen though. I mean, does anyone ever actually catch up with everything??? If you have then please let us know in the comments, we’re in desperate need of your wisdom. Today I forgot that Stacy was coming over to use my bedroom (because it’s sexy) for her boudoir photo shoot with a mutual friend so I had to panic clean and it totally wore out my back. Then I pulled my right butt muscle probably while standing on the bed holding something. Honestly. I’m skipping my physio today! 


I went to sleep at 4am last and woke up early (again!)(with a great deal of reluctance) to watch the last day of my online course which started 2 hours late (urrghh)! But then I had breakfast and couldn’t fall back to sleep and by the time it started I was really cranky. I held up though, 10 pages of notes over three days. I’m getting way more efficient in note taking even though in conversing and blogging, I’m very wordy. I’m not really sure if that’s something I need to work on fixing, hmm. So I finished my course and immediately went down stairs to have a fast dinner with Charlie, the bro-in-law and stepson J. It was really good. I thought I wasn’t hungry but then all of sudden there was food!

Now as I write this section for the week and reflect that just this Monday I was in burlesque show, it seems so very far away. I’ve been really busy trying to take the fact that I got through that and can get through anything if I put my mind to it. I even started brainstorming last night about all the stuff I wanted to do, including photography work, and the small goals it would take to accomplish. I felt hopeful about it, though now that I’ve reached the end of the week and have been injured with two muscles, fatigued and tired but not sleeping well, and dealing with sporadic pain, I know that I just can’t get to be ‘normal’. I’ve done a lot more this week than I usually do, but in reality it’s been of very little of use to anyone but myself. Pain management and working my body to be stronger feels like a part time job stretched out over 24/7. Recovery time, even though sometimes I can multi task it with something, is another part time job. If I sit up to type this section of my blog, it takes me 30-45 minutes of lying down, heating and light stretching to recover. It takes about 1-2 hours to recover from light physio to average exercise. It takes 12 hours-36 hours to recover from Zumba or a burlesque rehearsal. Even as I write this, I can feel my back burning and starting to effect my buttocks and upper hamstrings.

BUT, I’m still no where near where I need to be physically so I’m still hopeful that my body and my life can be better. I’ve just got to keep working at it. Go big or go home!!! *cheers* xxx


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