A New Week: Everything Burlesque! Well, almost…



Wasn’t near ready for rehearsal today but managed to customise my sailor uniform and complete my pageant sash (which I forgot to put on!). Stacy came over this afternoon and sat with me while I stressed and helped me spice up my Down in Mexico routine. Plus, she was practising using my camera for the show and is doing so much to help me. She’s awesome. We had a really good rehearsal, personally I think we could do with a couple more but so it would be perfect but have to keep remembering it doesn’t need to be. Hopefully it will all come together on the day and anything we mess up we can have a giggle over.

I was dying of pain on the way home. Oh! I also slightly overdosed on my meds that I took during rehearsal. I didn’t really notice it until after we dropped Stacy off at about 1030pm and were driving home, just felt so nauseous all of a sudden and instantly knew why. Was sick the minute I ran into the bathroom, ate some cereal and felt better. I must learn that even though medication doesn’t have much effect on me (or most people with HEDS) that I still have limits and I need to be careful especially when I’m in a lot of pain and willing to do anything not to be.


*screams* Hurting so much. Dying…


*still screaming* Hurting even more! But stretched through the pain and started doing things. I still really hurt but at least I’m getting some stuff done. My neck really hurts!  Got a busy day tomorrow. Time to clean the house! edit: I’ve tried everything except weed because I’m out (did I tell you guys I start smoking it?? will write more about that later!). Cold, heat pad, hot bath, all medications, massage… nothing is easing this neck and shoulder pain. I’m sure Charlie is tired of hearing me whimper. I’m going to try and sleep early, maybe it will go away during the night.

Friday: Starting to really buckle down and create these costumes. It’s hell on my back, it starts as a sharp pain in my lower back and then spreads until I experience burning pain throughout my whole body. I took a lot of small breaks to relax on the bed but I don’t think it really helped much.

Saturday: Costuming all day! Had a nice break while having roast dinner, the brother-in-law came over to share and watch a movie. In hindsight he probably thought I was grumpy because I was so quiet. I actually don’t even remember much of dinner or which movie we watched because I was in so much pain but I willed myself to get up after the movie and get back to work on my costumes. I managed to finish everything near midnight and was happy with the outcomes! edit: Wednesday 13th Feb. – I remember now! We watched one of my favorite movies, Death Proof by Tarentino. It still rocks! 

Sunday: It’s showtime!!! Packed up everything I needed to take to the studio for our first burlesque troupe’s private show. This included two carry on suitcases, a large bag with large accessories, and a tall box to use as dressing table with my three way mirror! I had an exquisite checklist for it all too! Plus other lists for my acts, costumes, order of stripping clothing etc etc. I love lists. We arrived at 330pm, rehearsed, broke for a small lunch and then spent an hour getting ready at Julia’s house (which is lovely and her hubby very down to earth just like Charlie) before going back to the studio for group photos and pre-show glittering and champagne! Everyone was kind of nervous, except me. I wonder if it’s all the medication I take. I was excited but like I told the girls, more annoyed that I wasn’t given enough time to get ready, relax and have a laugh. Lots of time limits! Boo. We had a great show, had lots of fun and learned how much time it really takes me to costume change! The vibe backstage was hilarious and the girls were so supportive. I did start hurting after awhile but the pain at the end of the night wasn’t as bad as I expected. That might have been all the adrenaline going wild!


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