A New Week: Rehearsals and a New Sleep Strategy



Burlesque rehearsal day, hoping the one hour meeting prior to it won’t kill my back. But of course I know it will.


It killed my back. I’m in agony but better than yesterday. The pain has been keeping me up very early into the mornings. I can’t really do anything right now but keeping my spirits up. Excited to be making my burlesque début and having fun with all the girls.


Serious pain today, probably a 6 on the pain scale and it has stayed consistent most of the day. Charlie and I are suffering from a bit of cabin fever. Took a nap this afternoon and we just rested as much as possible this evening. From top to bottom, what hurts: headache, neck and shoulders are tight, shoulder joints ache/throbbing, outer arm and outer forearm muscles ache, lower back, buttocks, ankle joints. Didn’t get anything done today. I need to make sure I work hard this weekend to get all my costumes and acts ready for our last burlesque rehearsal on Monday!


I decided since I can’t seem to get to sleep before 4am these days and awake before noon that I would try a new tactic. I read an article from another night person (who also has Fibromyalgia) and they had some success at getting to a more normal sleep pattern by simply taking away the pressure of going to sleep at a certain time and taking naps when ever they started to feel too fatigued to do anything. I thought because I start to anticipate going to sleep on time at about 11pm, even though I’m sleepy, I start to feel more awake. I have anxiety that I won’t be able to fall asleep. Then the adrenaline starts flowing and I’m wide awake.

I also came across another night person with another strategy based on the fact that we sleep in 90 minute cycles, there’s a little more to it but it’s an option in case this doesn’t work for me.

Saturday: Been working hard at pushing through my pain to get my costumes sorted and dances perfected. I can’t decide if I feel unsteady in my heels because I’m wearing stockings/tights with them or because of the medication I’m on. I have a constant tremor in my hands and muscle twitches plus a little vertigo, being on stage doesn’t help. I have a feeling it’s both. Not sure what to do yet but I have some ideas so I’ll give them a try at the show. 😉


Been taking naps during the day whenever I feel fatigue it helps me carry on doing things instead of zombieing out the entire day. It’s weird though, I have actually been able to fall asleep most nights at around midnight which is an enormous improvement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sleeping longer when I need it; about 8-10 hours and wake refreshed! I do gentle stretching and popping while still in bed before getting up, that helps me a lot. It’s like doing a warm-up routine to get my body moving with less pain. It’s been a moderate pain week but I feel I got much more done off my to do list than usual. Gonna keep it up, hope it’s not a fluke, will keep you updated xxx


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