A New Week: Pain and Burlesque Rehearsal


This week started with a lot of burlesque! During the day I rested while going through routines and getting my gear together for the evening rehearsal. I went into the studio hurting a little and by the time I came out I wanted to cry. I forgot to create the choreography for my second solo act! I had to wing it on stage, but I think it went well. Luckily it was videoed so I can remember what I did and tweak it from there!

I was hurting so much that I didn’t get to dance my first solo during the rehearsal because I was taking too long to get dressed. I think it’s all the bending over, looking for things in my bags, putting on tights and costume that really slowed me down so I’m going to organise everything next week and get dressed in a way that minimises the bending. On the bright side I found out I can still do a perfect cartwheel! 

I spent the rest of the week resting and recuperating. I feel like every day passes by so quickly and it makes the weeks feel very short. I’m struggling to fall asleep before 4am, even with double dosing all my medication. I took x7 times my dose of Amitriptyline tonight plus some strong sleeping pills to see if that helps. I really want to get back on schedule, waking up at 8-9am and having time to do things like yoga, housecleaning or whatever and having lunch ready for Charlie like I was doing before Christmas. I really want to be useful again and I just hate when Charlie has to do everything. He never seems to mind, I hope I show him enough appreciation. 

Today, Sunday, I have had the worst day of the week (besides after rehearsal but that was for a reason). I just woke up with my back, buttocks and arms aching so much. I did some stretching while in bed to see if I could make the pain subside and accidently pulled my right butt muscle! It was my fault, I was in a weird diagonal split on my back while watching a TV show and not paying attention. None of my meds were touching the pain today.

Charlie spent some time playing computer this afternoon and then making a roast dinner, having his brother Davy (Davie?) over for dinner and watching Top Gear (the British version) this evening. He spends every spare moment with me usually and I think he just needed a bit of a break. I don’t blame him, I hate being in this room. I was still in pain after dinner and even cried while Charlie was giving me a massage. I think I was just feeling frustrated. I don’t cry about my illness very often so I guess it was due. I feel better now. 🙂

High hopes for the next week. As with any week, I want to make it better and I’m determined to do it, even if I only accomplish small successes. Urgh that sounds so pathetic! Okay, okay I’ll be positive! Yay… small successes. 😛

Sleep sweet everyone  xxx


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