This Week: Staying Inside and Needing Motivation


Had quite a bad week from the start. I still might be physically recovering from our drinking on Saturday night. I did start to feel less pain by midweek but since I missed Burlesque practice on Monday, I decided to not do anything until next week just so that I’ll definitely make it to practice next Monday. We have three weeks left until our show and I can’t miss any more practices. 

So I’ve had a pretty boring week and been very restless, stuck in my house. It’s also snowing like crazy here in Cambridgeshire which is the other reason I’ve stayed inside. Cold and this illness do not mix. 

This week I feel like I’ve not taken advantage of the few hours here and there that I didn’t feel too much pain. I’m being careful because I don’t want to miss any more burlesque practices but I still could have done some more work that involved being reclined with the laptop. I just wasn’t motivated this week. 

I’m definitely feeling a bit down and depressed about things right now. I’m trying to keep my spirits up and can be plenty positive in short bursts, that’s when I get excited about having plans and things I want to do but then I start to wane. I feel sedated and just don’t want to move. Could be the medication, it leaves me very hazy most of the time but I try to push it aside. Might have to talk to the specialist about that.

Oh yeah! I got an appointment at the University College London Hospital’s Hypermobility Clinic where they are experts on my condition.  I look forward to grilling the specialist and getting a management plan that works to give me more energy and less pain so I can start doing the things I love again and make some money! I’ll be going on February 26th in the morning and spending the rest of the day in London with Charlie. Hopefully we’ll have time to go get some sushi from Ichiban, I love that place!

I had an idea this week about finding someone like me who’s needing some motivation and support too. Someone who I can accountable to during the work week when I really want to spend time getting things done but who also understands that sometimes I just have to give in to the pain and do nothing. I think I’ll start looking next week, should be interesting to see if anyone feels the same way.


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