A New Week: Snow, Scotland and Socialising


Weds. 26th Dec 2012:  

Today I’m in Scotland! We’re visiting Charlie’s mum and partner, Archie. Charlie’s brother drove up with us in the car and I was bundled up in the back seats, laid out, mostly trying to sleep through the pain. My back was very jiggly yesterday and I could really feel every bump of the car and there were some huge bumps on the way here! 

I’m mostly trying to recover today and it’s a good thing everyone is up for having a duvet day in the living room. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be going out to see something ‘Scottish’. 🙂 I’ve brought my camera gear and looking forward to taking some beautiful photos while I’m here. There is a beautiful light layer of snow on the ground which is not melting down at all, very pretty. We’re about to go out for a walk, there is a lot of land around the house because we’re in the middle of no where! It’s nice and sunny but I bet it’s freezing outside, that’s what I call ‘fake sun’.

Addition Edit: We went for a walk to the bottom of a hill, trekking through a little forest and jumping over small streams. Probably the hardest way to get there but it was fun. We took the easy way back through a field of sheep. They would run away but before that would stop and stare in a very focused way. It was kind of eerie. Of course I’m in a lot of pain now but at least there’s a reason and I managed to do something. Tomorrow we’re aiming to hike up to the top of the hill and hopefully be taking some awesome photographs. *fingers crossed* Hope the weather is sunny and clear.

Been reading up on some of my Facebook support groups this morning and there was a long post from someone saying that they were quite sad because they realised this Christmas that most of their friends have really distanced themselves from them since they’ve been in so much pain It’s hard when you find it hard to sit up and socialise, can’t drink because of your medication or even be reliable when you’ve all made plans to go out, sometimes you have pain flares and just have to rest.

I think I’m going to write a post about this because I’ve found this has happened to a lot of people with chronic pain, including myself. It’s a really sad thing and I’m sure people don’t mean to treat their friends differently when they get ill. I’m hoping to reconnect with a lot of people this year so looking forward to sharing my experience with those of you suffering so I can bring some hope to the issue. 😀

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! xxx



Hi everyone 🙂 Well today I’m recovering from yesterday’s hike in the Scotland countryside. I definitely pushed myself too hard and hate that I have such pathetic limits! I know it was worth it though as I had a lot of fun trekking through the forests with my hubby and brother-in-law. My philosophy at this point is, if I’m going to be in pain it might as well be for a reason even if that reason is just going for a walk.

I had to stay home today on the heating blanket while my hubby’s family visited the seaside. None of my medication was touching my pain today and it was everywhere. I did have a couple fingers of scotch though in the early evening with my Tramadol and after that things were feeling pretty good. Had a nice dinner with the family and retired to the living room to relax. It’s funny to me that everyone is sat with their own laptops, I would take a photo but I can’t muster the strength to set up my camera. We’re off tomorrow to travel back down to Cambridge. We’ll be celebrating NYE and then after that, things should be back to normal and I’ll be able to relax… hopefully!


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