A New Week: Stupid Pain


I had a pretty hard weekend, did two hours of burlesque Monday and a little Pilates on Tuesday so I’ve been hurting from that pretty much all this week, except today. Today I seem to have a very sharp nerve-like pain near my left shoulder blade, bad neck pain and my lower back really hurts too. I didn’t do anything yesterday except rest so I would be good to go today and do some exercise this evening. It’s at times like this when I question why I’m in pain, what did I do wrong, and why does my body suck so much? Sometimes it’s easier to deal with the pain if I know it’s there because of an activity but when there seems no good reason, it’s just depressing and it makes the pain very frustrating. 

It’s makes me cranky! I’m kinda thinking of going to a class tonight anyway since I’m going to be in pain whether I go or don’t go. I’m just feeling rebellious I think. I’ll have to wait and see what my pain level is in a couple hours.

Stupid pain.


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