A New Week: An active weekend, I mean day.


After a couple days of recovering from Zumba,  Charlie and I headed to London on Saturday. We were going to see our best friend’s band, Icons of the Brave, play at Cargo (by the way, they were awesome!). We had planned to leave early and enjoy tiffin (that’s afternoon tea) at the Thistle Hotel, then Camden Market for Xmas presents and Sushi at Itsu for dinner but …

… I was still in pain and couldn’t get off the bed until about 11am. It took almost two hours to get ready and pack our stuff up because I was moving so slow. So we ended up checking into our hotel at 3pm! By that time my back was screaming at me big time. Luckily I decided on the way into London that we should stop and get some pre-party drinks (vodka + cherry coke) so I started drinking that almost as soon as we got settled into bed to watch Open Season which makes me laugh.

I was feeling pretty buzzed after I took my medication and had a strong cocktail. My back started feeling numb and we decided to have ‘dinner’ at the Secret Emporium Xmas Festival which I didn’t think we would be attending but it was soo good! I love being in that atmosphere of bohemian love… mmmm! The food was pretty awesome too. Then we went to Cargo and when we got there I realised I forgot my memory card for my camera! I was photographing the event (what a photographer huh?!). I was just so buzzed though. Charlie went back to the hotel to get the memory cards and I spent the evening photographing the band and continuing to drink like a fish. I was crazy drunk by the end of the night but feeling no pain which I was loving but I feel like I do get drunk much faster on these meds and don’t realise it until it’s too late. My goal is to figure out some middle ground so when I want to socialise but know I’m in a lot of pain, can drink but constantly analyse my pain and soberness… easier said than done! 

The next day I wasn’t really that hungover because we had gone to a cool diner after the concert and I had pancakes! My body pain was horrendous though, the car trip home really killed me. I spent the whole day writhing in pain and really couldn’t do anything to get ready for the next day until the end of the night.

Normal things like this shouldn’t be so hard! I have more events to attend because it’s the holiday season and this is when I feel very under pressure because I know there’s always a chance I won’t be able to attend at the last minute, won’t make it through the night or will get so drunk to mask the pain which is just embarrassing sometimes. 

We’re planning on visiting Charlie’s mum and partner over Christmas, and I’ll be enduring a ten hour drive there and back. Any tips on how to get through it will be greatly appreciated, if you know me on Facebook message me there please! 

Hope you’re all managing the holiday season craziness! 😀 xxxANew Week


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