Today: Pilates, Zumba and almost recovered but not really…



Hi! So today I’m almost recovered from my lame amount of activity on Monday. I went out last night to go grocery shopping with Charlie at Tesco’s even though I was still in pain but I so needed to get out of the house. I was almost going to suggest again that I use the mobility scooter there but once we pulled in I chickened out. I know I should use it at least for the last half hour of the shopping but I just shy away from it, even the thought of it for some reason. Which is just stupid because if I did use it then I wouldn’t be in so much pain at the till but … I’ll just have to get there, when I get there. Stupid body.

I felt a moderate amount of pain today so pretty much back to ‘ my normal’ amount, so I did about 30 minutes of Pilates from LIVESTRONG’s Youtube channel.  They have some perky instructors that keep you motivated and they are short videos so it’s perfect for my condition and just challenging enough where I usually can’t finish all the repetitions  yet! LIVESTRONG also have a hundred other fitness videos including a Yoga for Pain Relief collection which I haven’t fully done yet but so far it’s really nice and gentle.

I decided at the last minute to go to a local Zumba class at the Leisure Centre since my usual Zumba instructor is taking a winter break from teaching here. It was kind of a basic steps sort of class but she had really good energy which I liked and that she did a lot of songs that I know. It’s always easier if you know the rhythm of the song because then you just have to be aware of the transitions. I forgot my back brace because I’m silly so had to stop about four times to give my lower back a break but still got a super sweaty workout. I love sweating! I love pushing past my limits and fighting to be stronger… which is probably why I hate this condition so much. It’s putting limits on me dammit! Stupid limits.

I just got back and had a quick warm body rinse which helped ease the pain a little. Charlie is cooking dinner even though he has a cold, he’s such a good guy. I hope I don’t need him to massage me later because he really should get some rest if he’s going to work tomorrow. He always says I’m not a burden but I feel so dependant on him now. I probably could put him through less if I didn’t work my body so much but we both agree that I need to get in the best shape possible to limit my pain. I need a super strong core because  people with this condition really have to be twice a strong as normal people because we have such a weak support structure, our bodies rely on out muscles much more than usual to keep us upright and moving.

I’m off to eat and rest now, I will be spending tomorrow recovering from the activity today. It feels like the recovery never ends! Night x


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