Today: Preparing for burlesque audition!


Hell yeah!!!

I started taking classes back in January because I wanted a gentle form of dance to start with that really helps build my core muscles. Although this doesn’t really do anything for your stomach, it really works out your back muscles, especially lower back because of all the pushing out of boobs and butt while strutting around in heels!


So tomorrow I’m auditioning for a gig in Cambridge which takes place next summer.

I’m hoping my back will be ok because since I’ve been off the Depo injection (at my doing) my back has seemed to get worse even though it should be getting better.

The way I understand it, oestrogen makes your ligaments more flexible which is why hypermobility tends to be more prominent in females (I say females because studies have shown that some animals can suffer from hypermobility, crazy huh?). So if your birth control is giving you more oestrogen you will suffer more pain because your joints and ligaments will be looser.

I’ve been off it for at least a couple of months now but see no improvement so far and have had the Endometriosis symptoms starting to flare up (which is why I’m taking the hormones in the first place, birth control is the secondary reason) so I’m probably going to have to start back on the injections unless anyone has any other ideas? 

Today I’m finishing off my costume, tweaking my routine and doing a few chores so fingers crossed I’ll be ok tomorrow. Wish me luck! 🙂

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