What brought me to finally write my own blog.

Hey you ūüėČ Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today. I hope to spread more awareness about this condition I have called Elhers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Type 3 Hypermobility (HEDS) aka Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHMS or HMS). I was born with it but have only suffered the extremely painful symptoms for about two years and was diagnosed a year ago.

It’s usually quite hard for doctors to diagnose because the symptoms vary so much between patients with this condition, so it’s often misdiagnosed (as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,¬†Arthritis¬† Marfan’s etc., for example). But as EDS has sub categories and patients can exhibit a combination of¬†symptoms¬†over a combination of sub categories it can often be misdiagnosed as illnesses related to skin conditions, heart problems and digestive illnesses, etc. It’s crazy complicated! More often than not, patients are being accused of¬†Hypochondria! ‘A person with hypochondria continues thinking he is seriously ill despite appropriate medical evaluations and reassurances that his health is fine’, just in case you didn’t know. My symptoms in the last 6 years have often been blown off because often until this point they mostly¬†occurred¬†separately. It’s very frustrating, especially when you suggest there could be a link but the doctors just disagree.

Yeah so anyway, the original selfish reason for starting this blog is to have a place to send friends, family and whoever wants to know more about what I’m going through so I don’t have to repeat myself ¬†a thousand times when asked why I’ve been missing in action the last several years. It takes too long to explain and it’s just kind of a depressing topic to bring up while socialising! I don’t like depressing people.

I’ve also been very quiet on Facebook for the last few years because, for me personally, I hate to constantly hear people whine about their medical pains all the time. But when you’re life is basically ruled by pain and taking so much time to manage it, it can be hard to find something else to talk about! I don’t mind so much any more but I still don’t want to be that person, that’s why we have support groups because those people understand.

I really do want to be more social especially as this is the last year I’ll be living in England and there’s many people I want to see before I go. I just don’t want to have to have a big discussion about what I have and what it is because those questions always come up and I understand people are just being curious but the answers are too long and I feel it can really suck the life out of a good time.

So if you’re here because I sent you, I basically created this blog for you!

Aww, you so special. ūüôā


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